Salon booking policy

Booking Policy & Useful Info

Please note that by booking with us you are agreeing to our polices & Terms

CANCELATION/RESCHEDULE - We understand things come up, that’s life but we appreciate if you let us know ASAP, we have a strict 48hr rule so if you cannot make your appointment or need to reschedule please make sure you do so at least 48hrs prior by sending us an sms or calling us on 0400303070. 

If you fail to do so we reserve the right to send you a fee of 50% of your total booking price which we send via email or if you have paid a booking fee we will use this towards the 50% last minute fee we will charge you.


For more info on booking fees please see below. Also you may be asked in future to pay a booking fee or full price upon booking for each booking from then on in.

NO SHOW/LATENESS- Eeek probably everyone least favorite thing to do is forget their appointment! We do get this happens but failure to show or let us know you are running late results in fees or loss of booking fee as above cancelation policy.

If you’re running late, stuck in traffic, can’t get the kids out of the car to school or need to stop for coffee please let us know by calling or sending an sms to 0400303070 prior to the start of your appointment! Anything 10mins later then your start time will result in needing to reschedule, loss of time on service or cancelation. Fees apply. 

BOOKING FEE - To ensure you keep your amazing appointment time you selected you will need to pay a booking fee, this may have been paid on the booking page or will be sent to you via email with instructions on how to pay(you must pay this invoice within 12 hours of receiving it to secure your booking as our booking system is on an automatic time out and your booking will be lost). All services 1 hour or longer have a booking fee due to having a waitlist for certain times and days where every hour means someone else would of loved to take your spot if you’re unable to make it! 

Booking fees will be lost if you do not follow above policies. Booking fees are non refundable. Booking fee can be carried over to 1x reschedule of that same appointment, second reschedule will result in loss of initial fee and require secondary booking fee. Booking fees will be a portion of the service cost which is different each service.


Once your first appointment with us us complete, if you wish to rebook we will hold $25-$50 of your original booking fee & carry this over to your next appointment, we hold this as a credit against your account. This credit/booking fee rolls over to every rebooked appointment & will only be lost if booking policies are broken. If you decide you no longer love LOLAB or you are moving etc we can take this fee off your last appointment with us or refund you the $25(this is the ONLY time booking fees may be refunded)


*All unpaid fees will be passed onto a debt collection agency which will incur fees payable by you if not paid* 

CONFIRMATION - We like to keep you on the ball by sending a reminder sms 48hr prior to your appointment this also may ask you to confirm your appointment or call/sms to amend. Please follow above policies if you need to amend your booking. If you need to amend contact us on 0400303070 do not reply to the confirmation msg as we do not get notified this way. 

*Failure to reply to confirmation is not a form of canceling your appointment - failure to confirm will lead to either your booking being cancelled by us or loss of booking fee/no show/cancelation fees* 

CHILDREN & OTHER ATTENDEES - a salon is no place for little fingers! It’s super dangerous and mummy or beautician will not be available to mind the little ones during appointments so please for their safety and your peace of mind do not bring them with you. Partners, sisters, entourage, dad, Mum, pets are also not allowed to join you! Most of our services are private and require one on one with your therapist, we do not have anywhere for any others to sit in or outside our salon either as we have limited space so please refrain from bringing along your bestie. We will refuse to perform your treatment if you bring others with you. Please be respectful of our staff & other clients by not bringing anyone else to your appointment.

PLEASE ALLOW ENOUGH TIME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT! Rushing us may result in us refusing to finishing your service as we want to give you the best we can, for new sets of lashes allow 3-4 hours 🕑

CONSULTATION & WAIVERS - Upon arrival we do a consultation with each client this allows us to get to know you and your needs it also states some pretty important safety notices so be sure to be on time to your appointment and have pre filled out your intake form that we will send to you prior to your appointment. Depending on the treatments you're booked for you may have more than 1 form to fill out. Please read all waivers & fill out all information correctly, these are legally binding & help us to be informed of any risks to your health.

PARKING - Our salon has parking out the front in the carpark of the Sun & Surf Shopping Centre which you can enter from Pinjarra Road or Lesley Street.

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