Luxury brow treatments 

Brow Experts Of 14 Years!!

Brows are everything these days, we know that your brow is precious to you and we want to keep it that way!

With long term experience, ongoing training and high skill level we provide you with the most amazing brow.

We use the most beautiful Brow Code gold sensitive wax for reduced redness, high quality Brow Code tint, Bronsun Hybrid Long Lasting Tint, Fox Henna and also for a beauty full brow we offer Brow Lamination! 

Brow symmetry, shaping and reconstruction are our main loves! 

We like to keep things super lux so many of our brow treatments offer mini facials, eye mask treatments or hand & arm massages. 

We love for you to have a full lux treatment - not just an in & out brow.

If you have had bad brow experiences or are new to loving those brows please let us know we will do everything we can to make sure all your brow experiences are absolutely to die for!

We also offer cosmetic tattooing treatments in salon on an 8 weekly basis, our travelling cosmetic tattoo guru Arch Angel Cosmetic Tattoo Studio. 

For more info on our brow treatments & cosmetic tattooing by Arch Angel Cosmetic Tattoo please see our brow treatment menu.


Classic Brow Design $50

(includes cleanse, exfoliation, brow symmetry design, perfection wax shaping, tint, tweeze, cleanse, sooth & consultation)

Classic Brow Upkeep $39

(for those who come 4-5 weekly)

Henna Brow Design $79

(includes mini facial, brow cleanse, henna, brow symmetry design, perfection wax shape, under eye mask with jade roller infusion, oil sooth and consultation)

Henna Brow Upkeep $55

(for those who come 4-5 weekly)

Long Lasting Brow Design $65

(includes cleanse, exfoliation, brow symmetry design, perfection wax shaping, long lasting tint, tweeze, eye mask treatment, sooth & consultation)

Long Lasting Brow Upkeep $40

(for those who come 4-5 weekly)

Teen Brows $27

(includes same as classic design but tint is optional)

Brow Tint $22

Brow Shape + Tidy $27

Brow Lamination Design $85

(includes mini facial, brow cleanse, brow lamination, wax, trim, shape &  long lasting tint)

 Brow Lamination Upkeep $62

(This can be done every 8 weeks & includes the same as a brow lamination design)


Our visiting cosmetic tattoo artist from Arch Angel Cosmetic Tattoo Studio attends the salon on a 8 weekly basis for 2 full days. Nic's tattoo expertise span back 20 years, she is an expert in her field. For more information or to chat to Arch Angel please click the cosmetic tattoo info button below to be directed to her page. 


Please note that LOLAB does not take bookings or enquiries for Arch Angel Cosmetic Tattoo as we are seperate entities who work as part of a team.