Hair Removal

Lip Wax - $12

Chin Wax - $12

Lip & Chin Wax - $17

Sides of Face Wax - $22

Lip, Chin, Sides of Face - $35

Underarm - $25

Half Leg - $27

Full Leg - $35

Full Arm Wax - $32

Bikini - $27

Extended Bikini - $32

Brazilian Wax - $62

Brazilian Upkeep - $52

We are Lycon Brazilian Wax Specialists with 12 years experience in waxing!

Wax Appointment

Massage & Body

Chill Out Massage 30mins, 45mins or 60mins - $39 - $67

Perfect add on to other treatments or just to come in to chill for a moment. Our Swedish massage provides a relaxing stress release which can also improve many body aches & pains aswell as aid with sleep. 

Smooth Pits(45mins) - $49

Skin treatment for your underarms. Deep anti bacterial cleanse, enzyme peel, clay mask to draw out any ingrown hairs or blemishes, extraction of ingrown hairs, lightening serum infusion with high frequency treatment to help to nourish the hair follicle & support skin rejuvenation, finished off with a warm towel treatment &  tea tree moisture infusion. 

Bikini Ready(45mins) - $49

Skin treatment for your bikini line area & inner thighs.  Pinkini intimate area cleanse, mini microdermabrasion, clay mask to draw out any blemishes or ingrown hairs, extraction of ingrown hairs or follicle blockages, LED light therapy of inner thighs with lightening serum infusion, high frequency treatment on hair growth areas to help nourish the hair follicle, warm towel treatment & moisture infusion.

Perfect Peach(45mins) - $49

Skin treatment for you buttocks & thighs -  anti bacterial cleanse with warm towel treatment, 4% glycolic acid microcream scrub, clay mask to draw out any blemishes, extractions of any blocked follicle or pore, lymphatic massage of the buttock & thigh area, LED light therapy to blemish & cellulite affected areas, lightening serum or vitamin serum infused by gua shua.

Specialised Facials

Skin Needling Face - $210

Skin Needling Face & Neck - $245

Skin Needling Face, Neck & Décolletage -$325

Skin Needling Hands - $125

cleanse + scrub a topical numbing cream is applied, dermapen to gently pass over the skin this is where the microneedles do their work by gently piercing the skin, dermafill infusion using microneedle, soothing mask & vitamin infusion

Quick Fix Skin Therapy - $105

Get glam ready skin with little down time! Makeup glides on smoothly! Peach Fuzz gone! Dead skin build up reduced! Perfect for parties, weddings & event ready skin!


Includes cleanse, tone, dermaplane/epiblade, enzyme mask & vitamin infusion. This treatment is not suitable for anyone with active acne or many active spots.


Dermaplaning Facials are an advanced exfoliation treatment that removes Vellus hairs (Peach Fuzz) and removes dead skin cells from the top layer of skin or epidermis. using a planing blade. This service is painless, has automatic results & no down time!



Exfoliation -Sloughs off dead skin cells

Smoothes skin texture

Promotes even skin tone

Brightens the skin

Promotes healthier skin

Removes vellus hairs

Preps the skin for various cosmetic treatments

Enhances product penetration

Aides in diminishing the appearance dark spots and fine lines

Dermaplane Deluxe - $167

Deluxe dermaplane includes cleanse, tone, dermaplane, enzyme mask, massage,  aromatherapy,  serum & vitamin infusion


LOLAB Relaxation Facial - $145

A perfect relaxation facial including a creamy cleanse, microexfoliation, mask, hydration serum, facial massage, neck massage, head massage & aromatherapy shoulder, chest, arm & hand massage. Herbal tea & heat pack awakening to end the service


The Add On Facial - $50 

This service is an add on to other services & cannot be booked on its own. Includes cleanse, micro exfoliation, mask, eye mask & moisture infusion. Perfect little add on to lash lift or brow services.

Professional Facial

Intimate Body Treatments

Vag-Jay-Cial (30mins) - $66

This exclusive service is designed to care for the skin post Brazilian wax or shaving. It helps to soften the skin in the area, lighten the skin if needed, release potential ingrown hairs, reduces redness & swelling post waxing/shaving.

This is not an invasive service at all, we make you feel very comfortable. 

This treatment is only carried out on the areas where we have removed hair, the inner thighs & pelvis area


Anal Skin Lightening (45mins) - $99

Lighten your skin in your most intimate areas, this treatment is popular in the UK & US but not often seen here in Australia. It has been knowing to be popular with celebrities & the elite. We recommend being hair free for best results, shaving or waxing must be done at least 24 hours prior to the treatment to ensure the skin does not become damaged & to lessen the likelihood of irritation. This is a safe service that will not burn your skin.

Brazilian Skin Lightening(45mins) - $99

Lighten your most intimate area, the Brazilian zone.


Underarm Skin Lightening(30mins) - $85

Lighten your underarm area

Anal + Brazilian Lightening(90mins) - $180

Package for lightening go both intimate areas